When considering the move to a retirement residence, health and safety are probably at the top your list. In fact, you probably have a few questions about the steps that Levante Living has taken to proactively keep residents healthy.  In addition to a welcoming environment, you can expect ongoing safety protocols at all Levante Living residences. Here, we’ll share our commitments to give you a better understanding of what you will experience.

Living in a retirement residence now

What to expect when you move in: Levante goes the extra mile to make sure your transition is not only safe but pleasant.

Our Welcome to Wellness program helps you transition to retirement living safely and comfortably.   You can count on:

                   -a hearty and kind welcome with introductions to our team

                   -help in creating community connections with others right away

                   -daily community updates to help you feel at home

Our team will go the extra mile to make sure you feel connected and comfortable

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Staying Safe at Horizon Place

As the vaccine becomes available to the wider population, we all look forward to things getting  “back to normal”.   Until that time, and even afterwards, you can rest assured that Horizon Place is committed to your health and safety.  Toward that end, you can expect the following at each Levante Living residence. 

  • Conveniently located hand sanitizing stations
  • Adherence to directives and public health guidelines including physical distancing in all common areas
  • Active screening and mandatory masks for all staff and visitors
  • Ongoing staff Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) training
  • Universal masking and appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for all staff
  • Deep cleaning in high touch and common areas
  • Recreation programs adjusted to meet physical distancing requirements and strong infection control practices implemented
  • Staff that work at only one designated Levante residence

To learn more about Levante's covid response click here.


“ Best decision!  So glad I came here to live. ”

- Phyllis Simmons, resident